Established in 1999, Global Trade House is a leading steel company
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Building strong relations

Global Trade House is an integrated supplier, whose role as the sourcing agent offers exceptional value. By drawing on the capabilities of its skilled workforce, market expertise and valued clientele, the Company operated successfully across the Gulf and India.

GTH is one hundred percent committed to creating quality services for all its clients. In fact, it is the client who defines the Company’s goals, motivation and success. By partnering with customers to plan for their immediate and long term needs, GTH works closely to maintain a regular supply of materials at a consistent price.

Collaboration with steel producers and a steadfast commitment to meeting the challenges and ever-changing demands of today’s steel market placeenables GTH to investigate and innovate new and continual improvement measures and value-added services that reduce costs and fulfill tailor-made services to end users. The Company takes pride in its long-standing relationships with customers, which are based on continuous supply, competitive pricing, excellent service and reliability.


Constructing bridges to the world

Global Trade House is dedicated to supporting customers across the UAE. Strategically located in Dubai Investment Park, it provides international, full-service importing capabilities throughout the country. With extensive experience, multiple financing options and shipping capability, the Company ensures reliable steel solutions, competitive rates and reputable service to customers anywhere in the UAE. The services provided include customs clearance, taxes, duties and delivery.


Forging new frontiers

Global Trade House has a distinct advantage - its strategic location. It is based in Dubai, a city that is centrally located on the modern industrial stage. State-of-the-art port facilities, a tax-free environment and a variety of other value-added services, have enabled GTH to establish itself as a major steel stockholder, providing a range of steel solutions from a single port of call.


Most active Steel Traders

Global Trade House is one of the most active Steel Traders in the UAE. With our past experience of effectively managing monthly stocks of approximately 30,000Tons – 50,000Tons, we have developed an extensive Trading Network throughout the country that gives us access to a huge pool of material - different qualities, different specifications, and different sources are all available under one roof.


Contractors & Traders

Global Trade House acts for a number of contractors & traders as their steel distributor.

As contractors are these days increasingly becoming the biggest steel stock holders in town, so their stock inventory needs to be closely managed.

GTH can provide storage facilities, and a full stock management service as well as transportation to site/processing yard

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